Tempus est Jocundum

event22 Jul 2024

Tempus est Jocundum: the Middle Ages live on in the heart of Gemona del Friuli

On the first weekend of August Gemona del Friuli revives its ancient roots in the  Middle Ages with “Tempus est Jocundum”, historical pageants held on evenings organised by Pro Loco Pro Glemona and the “Tempus est Jocundum” historical committee. 

Every evening, an elegant parade in historic costume passes through the town centre, stopping in front of the Cathedral, where a town messenger reads out the edict that opens the pageant, followed by fireworks representing the burning of the bell tower, enthusiastically received by citizens of all ages. Then all the streets and alleyways of the town centre fill with people in costume, actively involving spectators so that they themselves become actors and key figures in amusing improvised scenes.  

A true dive into the past, a voyage back in time to the Middle Ages, to discover how people lived in those days. Noisy innkeepers welcome visitors to true “tabernae”, taverns in which to sample ancient dishes, while street artists from all over Italy and beyond entertain the public in the city squares with magnificent performances, juggling and flame-throwing.  

The exciting Palio del Niederlech is a challenge among the hamlets of Gemona, named after the tax the people of the city demanded of passing merchants in the days of the patriarchate: a cart race, a test of balance, speed and precision. The winner of the Palio and the hamlet placing second then face off in a game of chequers, played with living pawns on a giant chequerboard, to elect the Dama Castellana, the chatelaine who will be custodian of the keys to the city for the following year. 

The occasion offers an opportunity to experience a different side of Gemona, going back in time while having a good time on the evenings of the historic medieval pageant “Tempus est Jocundum”! 

The event is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Gemona and the  Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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