Fitness path

Fitness path: sporting facilities for students and citizens

There are sporting facilities right in the centre of the town of Gemona del Friuli. The fitness path responds to a number of different needs: first of all, it offers students enrolled in the degree programme in Motorial Sciences and Sports Sciences a place to try out their exercises, right behind the student residence. The whole area is open to the general public, too.

The 611-metre path is surrounded by greenery. It is a pedestrian itinerary for jogging and training while enjoying splendid views of the Cjampon and Glemine mountains. Only minutes away from the town centre!. The initiative underlines the city government’s intention of promoting sports in Gemona while sealing their town’s partnership with the Friulian university.

Sports and relaxation for all at 14 stations surrounded by nature

The fitness path has a maximum slope of 7-8% and 14 stations, illuminated spaces for exercising freestyle, without any equipment, or with fixed sporting equipment for exercising and improving your balance, jumping and slalom skills. 

Students and citizens can choose whether to work out or simply go for a stroll along the path, observing their natural surroundings and the medieval town walls flanking stretches of the path.

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