Gemona del Friuli: a real cycling hub

Gemona del Friuli is a true hub of cycling in the province of Udine, located right at the crossroads of the main cycling routes in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia: the l’FVG1 Alpe Adria connecting Salzburg with Grado, travelled by tens of thousands of cyclists every year, the l’FVG3 Pedemontana e del Collio and the FVG6 Ciclovia del Tagliamento, which crosses the entire region, from Mauria Pass to the beaches of the Adriatic Sea. There are plenty of day trips exploring the extraordinary landscapes and towns of Friuli Venezia Giulia by bicycle from Gemona.

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Gemona, an important crossroads of the region’s principal cycling routes

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A town built for cyclists

The town of Gemona is a member of the “Cyclable towns” circuit of FIAB, the Italian cyclists’ association, which acknowledges the efforts of city governments implementing concrete policies for bicycle mobility; by the Spring of 2021 the municipality had set up bicycle parking areas (cyclists’ oases) complete with maintenance columns, e-bike charging facilities, benches and tables (made out of recycled materials), as part of a wide-ranging plan for encouraging bicycle mobility (known as the Biciplan).

In the years to come the town will be adding more cycling routes within the municipality, connected with bordering municipalities and with the principal cycling routes, with the goal of integrating these with other services the town offers for sports lovers.

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