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In discovery of historic buildings. Traces of art and history in Gemona del Friuli

“Gemona rests softly above the green slopes of the Glemina, topped by a hill picturesquely crowned by the ruins of an ancient castle, sheltered from the east wind in the vast lap of the mountains that tower above it”.

Gemona has a lively past, and this introduction from  “Gemona. Breve recensione storico descrittiva compilata per l’uso dei visitatori!” (Gemona: A brief descriptive and historical account compiled for the visitor’s use), a 1914 volume by Antonio Tessitori, invites visitors to stroll around the town and observe its history and culture as reflected in the town’s artistic heritage and the works of master sculptors, architects and painters.

Gemona Cathedral

In the historic centre of Gemona, up against the cliffs of Mount Glemine, stands the  Cathedral, one of the most important […]

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Pieve Museum

Pieve Museum and Gemona Cathedral Treasure, in the fourteenth-century rectory, preserves paintings, sculptures, and sacred vestments Opened in the early […]

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The  castle is perched above the valley at the top of the hill, reached via the 150 steps of Salita dei […]

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Civic Museum of Palazzo Elti

The Civic Museum of Palazzo Elti contains paintings and sculptures of great artistic value covering centuries of history. It is located […]

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Sanctuary of Saint Anthony

The Sanctuary of Saint Anthony of Padua in Gemona del Friuli is the world’s oldest church dedicated to Saint Anthony. […]

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Church of Santa Maria di Fossale

Near Gemona Cathedral, on Via dei Conti, the street parallel to Via Bini, stands the Church of the Holy Name of […]

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The Film Library

The Film Library in Gemona contains a collection of films of inestimable value, at the disposal of students, researchers, historians […]

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Museo della Casa Madre

The congregation of the missionary nuns of the Sacred Heart was founded by  Duchess Laura Leroux De Bauffremont and Franciscan friar […]

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San Michele fresco collection

The former church of San Michele, now home to the fresco collection The “Affrescoteca” containing the fresco collection of Gemona […]

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Close-up of the face of the statue of Saint Christopher in Gemona Cathedral
Close-up of the face of the statue of Saint Christopher in Gemona Cathedral
Close-up of the rose window of Gemona Cathedral
Close-up of the rose window of Gemona Cathedral
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